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Swimming Pool Maintenance and Remodeling Price Increases

Swimming pool service companies have traditionally absorbed gradual price increases, because nobody likes raising prices on customers for the same services rendered. Due to COVID-19 and other unforeseen circumstances, that is no longer possible in 2021.

Traditionally, prices for pool products–like chemicals–generally increase slowly, and stay at or below the US Dollar inflation rate. When manufacturing costs increase, they are not always carried on to the consumer each year, as most companies do not like raising their prices every single year. Increases may be every other year, and usually just a couple of percentage points. Pool service companies have also absorbed these small price increases without raising rates to homeowners, often because the price increases are small and not always noticed. Yet inflation is affecting pool companies.

Huge Demand

Demand for new pools, renovations, heaters and other upgraded equipment reached an all-time high. Along with more pools being built came a longer season. Pools in colder climates were opening earlier than normal...April instead of May, or March instead of April. Longer seasons mean more chlorine and other chemical usage too. The demand for just about everything related to backyard pools skyrocketed this year.

Extreme Chlorine Shortage

Disinfectants and sanitizers are in extremely high demand. This includes chlorine, which has found alternative uses in other industrial businesses for disinfecting surfaces. The demand on chlorine/sanitizers in general has been extremel dramatic this year. Even though the lockdowns have relaxed and we are returning more toward "business as usual" in the United States, there is one product that will be in short supply for the foreseeable future. Trichlor. And with the shortage of trichlor comes a ripple effect that will increase demand on other items which will also raise prices. It's simple supply-and-demand.

So if your pool service company has to raise prices 2021-2022, we hope this article adequately explains why. Local Swimming Pool Companies do their best to provide fair service and to stay in business.

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