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3 Trending 2020 Pool Upgrades

1. Premium Pool Plaster, Quartz, Hydrazzo

This trend is all about maintaining the beauty and durability of your pool .

The typical plaster marble that’s put in your pool won’t stand the test of time. After a few pool cleanings, it’s already needing to be replaced or refurbished.

Meanwhile, if you were to use quartz or hydrazzo instead, then you’d have a finish for your pool that will serve you well for years to come. You’re spending a lot of money into the pool,  so make sure it’s protected with the right finish.

2. Smart Lighting

The advancement of smart lighting where you can now control where the lighting is placed, its color, and its brightness, too.

These features can help you create a beautiful pool design that blends perfectly with your backyard. For example, picking the right shade of subtle lighting can be perfect for backyards that let the stars be its natural lighting.

Better yet, there are now phone apps that can pair with your pool light and change its color right away. Perfect for all get-togethers with family and friends.

3. Swim-Up Bars

Your and your family  can have the best of both worlds by sitting at a bar and enjoying the water simultaneously.

Also, installing a swim-up bar actually maximizes the spacing in your backyard which leaves room for more creative space such as a fire pitor outdoor kitchen if you’d like to one day build those features in as well.

Who we are? We are a Swimming Pool Company building and maintain pools in Rancho Palos Verdes,  Manhattan Beach, and surrounding cities. Give us a call for a free constultaion. 310.941.1187

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